Hi, i'm Julie and I'm a visual artist. I work with a lot of different materials, including clay, paint, wood, and fabric. My studio is in Little Rock, Arkansas, and this blog is where I share studio goings on, new work, and occasional whatnot.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


i hope everyone had a safe and happy new year! i am so excited to start this year and have some new projects i will be starting TODAY!!! looking at the pictures i took of this orange when i was in california last summer inspires me. it's like a beautiful little gift that wants to be opened, just like beginning a new year.

i have so much i want to do this year sooooo........


1. a project a day: working on either a long term project or completing one EACH day. this is a scary goal to set as i am a dedicated procrastinator :) but i guess that's the point!

2. a painting a day: simply put, produce a painting a day. i have some ideas of subject matter and how i will break up the year to keep it interesting. my first thought was to break the year into quarters and assign a subject to each one. portraits, still life, interior spaces and landscapes. but i am curious about abstract and architecture so i may tinker with the details of this in the next couple of days.

for now i leave you with some nourishment for the first day of the year!

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