Hi, i'm Julie and I'm a visual artist. I work with a lot of different materials, including clay, paint, wood, and fabric. My studio is in Little Rock, Arkansas, and this blog is where I share studio goings on, new work, and occasional whatnot.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

it's a habit... and some good stuff

my plan was to write everyday even if i thought i had nothing to say. just to get into the habit, ya know? as hard as it may be to break a habit, it seems just a difficult to start one. it's not so much finding the time as it is just sitting down and DOing it. so it seems. i've been busy with things like painting and sanding and nailing which all seem like really good excuses, don't they? not to mention working and relaxing and opening and closing doors for cats. i know, i know, it's an intense schedule to keep up with. but even in this pressure cooker, i am gonna give it another go. 

"YOU CAN DO IT!" (cheers from the crowd)

.......and just as luck would have it and i was receiving this little pep talk, look what arrived in the mail.......

baxter will assist in the showcase.
.............drum roll.............

airmail, for moi?

a cheerful card and pressie (i can just hear her little accent saying this) from my sweet friend, kylie, all the way from down under!
 ps i am loving it! thank you!!!
pps i was way more excited than baxter.


  1. Hi Jules! Talk about habits, i havent gotten into the habit of reading blogs, so by the time you get into the habit of writing them we should be coordinated!!
    Glad you got your little pressie. Do they play?

  2. they do! and i know just what i'm sending your way... just got to sit down and make it happen.