Hi, i'm Julie and I'm a visual artist. I work with a lot of different materials, including clay, paint, wood, and fabric. My studio is in Little Rock, Arkansas, and this blog is where I share studio goings on, new work, and occasional whatnot.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


so..... what do you think!?!
i LOVE it

it was funny though, because everyone i told that i was painting it replied, "oh, i love the pink". huh.
well, so did i, but it was time for something different and i think this color is great AND it's called Eiffel Tower which is perfect since i am such a frenchophile. 

oh, by the way, i was in tampa, florida last week for nceca (the national council on education in the ceramic arts) so that is my excuse for being absent. i will post about that next. or at least the beach;)


  1. I love it. So great to have watched the transformation of this fuschia bathroom.

    Oh, and...... I think it's "francophile". Not sure but..........think.


  2. i love the new color! but there's really hasn't been anything you've done that i've not liked.....