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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

silver screen super star

EEEEP! one of my dogs from ages back popped up in a film this summer!!!

a friend/former neighbor/patron stopped by one day to tell me she had spied my work in the MOTION PICTURE (!) Mud and i was FLOORED because i had just been to see it. of course, i was late and missed the beginning and that's when it had it's screen time. so, when i went down to dallas to see my dad, we went and i saw it again-mind you it was a FLASH and if i'd blinked i'd of missed it. but i did NOT and i saw it!! it was AWESOME:)

so my friend was watching it with friends the other day (i guess it's out for rent now) and she saw my work and took a pic of it. so here it is. yay!!

thanks kelly!!!

sooo, if you see the movie and are wondering where this fella will show up, it's about the 3rd screen shot if i recall correctly, and its during a pan on the mantel....that's what i recall anyhow. it was FAST, that's what i remember most. pretty cool, no?


in other news, i am IN LOVE with my new clay bodies. new work in progress and coming shortly.

working on some's a little sneak:

now the paintings not done and photos are sub par as the the lighting is bad and i took it w/ my phone. but anyhoo. besides, they are super cropped so as not to spoil the final result later  :)

see ya soon!

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