Hi, i'm Julie and I'm a visual artist. I work with a lot of different materials, including clay, paint, wood, and fabric. My studio is in Little Rock, Arkansas, and this blog is where I share studio goings on, new work, and occasional whatnot.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

testing testing......

i have been testing clay bodies for the last couple months and concluded nothing. hmm.
needless to say, i didn't get much work done in june, for this reason, not to mention a couple other bumps in the road. i am now soldiering on.

i purchased 2 new clay bodies from trinity ceramic supply in dallas last weekend. have made 88 small test tiles for my glazes.....will post results later. i'm very excited about the prospects. these are both mid range clay bodies and i'll fire them to cone 5 (although one can go to cone 6 and i may run a test on both temps just to see the difference).

i have also been working on some terra cotta and although i'm not sure how i'll continue to use it in the future, for now i have a few new designs in the kiln and i can't wait to see them finished. photo to come.

below are the 2 new bodies. i start with little tiles but shape them into small bowls to get an idea of how the glaze will really work/look on a form. and they stack nicely:)

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