Hi, i'm Julie and I'm a visual artist. I work with a lot of different materials, including clay, paint, wood, and fabric. My studio is in Little Rock, Arkansas, and this blog is where I share studio goings on, new work, and occasional whatnot.

Friday, July 1, 2011


black rice, portabella mushrooms, avacado
i had this for breakfast. is that wrong?

Sara Britton has the most amazing blog My New Roots and if you love good whole fantastic food that makes you feel alive(!) (and who doesn't?!?) you should check it out! this is not from her blog but she did introduce me to black rice, which is awesome, and she has a new post for raw tacos that i can't wait to try!


  1. What is black rice? must have recipe!

  2. black beans and rice combined- mixed together...or just the rice with the black bean sauce

  3. this is actualy black rice-Lundberg Black Japonica (a blend of black and mahogany rice) soooooo good. and pretty!