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Thursday, February 21, 2013

i swear you'll love this :)

so i made the LIFE CHANGING BREAD that sarah b. from mynewroots posted, and i have to say...IT IS. it's amazing and super easy and crazy delish!! btw, there is NO flour, NO yeast, NO goes on and on like that. the ingredients are INSANE and AWESOME and it's VEGAN. are you kidding me!?!?! here's how it looked as i prepared it. if you want the recipe pop over to sarah's blog and check out her post. it's got tons of info and you might even fall in love with her blog like i did! :)

dry ingredients

stir in the wet:

i left it like this overnight per instructions... then just popped in oven the next day, after removing plastic wrap, of course!

ok, this was the scariest part. i was really worried the whole thing would collapse in the middle, but it DID NOT!! yay!

and i did wait for it to cool and i strongly recommend it. served with homemade hummus. seriously. i dare you.

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