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Thursday, March 10, 2011

shivering....and i'm not even cold

recently i made a big boston terrier for a customer and in the process had the dreaded problem of shivering. not just on one dog but on the back up as well! UGH! has this EVER happened to you? i searched the web for possible solutions/causes and really couldn't find anything definitive. there were even some bizarre speculation that if a hair dryer is used to speed drying, this could cause it. some people said the underglaze was applied too thickly. here's the deal: i used the SAME underglaze and glaze i've been using for YEARS and outside of a complete freak event i have NO idea what this could be cause by. it happened once before about 8 months ago on a small piece that was among an entire kiln load that was successful. if you know any thing about this phenomenon, please, i beg you, let me in on it. i am currently working on a new body of work and am a little nervous to glaze and fire it. i am going to use a different glaze and just test a piece with the guilty(maybe) glaze and see how it goes. problem is, they no longer make the glaze i love best and  though i used to use both of these, now i am stuck with just this perhaps shivering inducing glaze.....sigh. i'll let you know how it turns out.

ps: photos coming soon!
pps: daily project challenge coming soon, too!!

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